COVID delays unfortunately are still an issue. Lab access is limited, and procurements take longer than usual. The new pumping system is operational. Design and

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Due to the concerns regarding COVID-19 and to abide the State of Tennessee’s stay-at-home order, laboratory work on SOLSTISE has temporarily ceased. Design work is

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SOLSTISE is a DOE-funded project to build a supersonic gas jet target inside of a solenoidal spectrometer for next-generation particle spectroscopy.

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SOLSTISE (SOLenoid and Supersonic Target In Structure Experiments) is a DOE-funded project to combine the technologies from two state of the art devices for nuclear spectroscopy: HELIOS and JENSA.

By incorporating a gas jet target into a solenoidal spectrometer, energy and angle resolution can be improved and unwanted backgrounds reduced, allowing for next-generation particle spectroscopy for basic nuclear physics.

Useful Codes

Here is a zipped tarball of the semi-empirical stopping power code stopit (the modified version that includes some standard materials such as CH2 and silicon) packaged with the kinematics calculator/plotter labkin (requires xmgrace).

Here is a zipped tarball of the ORNL UPAK data analysis package. You may also want cmapbill.dat and these notes on compiling under WSL.

[These codes are provided without any warranty expressed or implied]