COVID delays unfortunately are still an issue. Lab access is limited, and procurements take longer than usual. The new pumping system is operational. Design and administrative work (eg safety considerations) to integrate with SOLARIS and ReA6 are ongoing. A simulation package is being developed.

SOLSTISE update, July 2020

The new SOLSTISE system vacuum pumps have been delivered and are being wired. However, lab access is still limited due to the rapidly worsening COVID-19 situation locally, and only one team member currently has approval to work on-site. Design and planning work are being performed remotely.


Due to the concerns regarding COVID-19 and to abide the State of Tennessee’s stay-at-home order, laboratory work on SOLSTISE has temporarily ceased. Design work is ongoing. Updates will be posted as they become available.


SOLSTISE is a DOE-funded project to build a supersonic gas jet target inside of a solenoidal spectrometer for next-generation particle spectroscopy.

SOLSTISE Presentation for DNP October, 2018

A presentation on the implementation of a gas jet inside a solenoidal spectrometer for the 5th Joint Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics and the Physical Society of Japan.